November planning

Besides Harry Potter there’s another reason why November is an important month. And no, it’s not because it’s almost Christmas (maybe just a bit). Basically November means: National Novel Writing Month or shortly NaNoWriMo. You will have 30 days to write your own novel. The first question popping to your mind will probably be “how are you going to do that?” It’s a good question because if you’re working/planning to do some fun things, how on earth would you be able to write 50,000 words? The answer: with a lot of struggles. Last year in October I had my first new job after two years in Dublin. That meant I was just working two weeks before November started. Then I had to tell my new colleagues I couldn’t do that much fun stuff (looked like I was their bored new colleague); I was writing every morning before going to work, every single break, and every evening. If I couldn’t write because well, you need to be out there as well you can’t sit at your computer for ten hours every day. It always meant I had to write the double amount of words in the weekend. It was tough but it was worth it. After this whole month of blood, sweat and tears, I finished what’s now called Olivia’s life.

So hence my decision to participate for the third time.

What am I going to write about? I have absolutely no idea. I’m still thinking about it. The problem is that I have too many ideas:

1. a psychological thriller
2. a story about four friends living in different parts of the world
3. a children’s book

My guess would be: I will go for number 1 and then probably switch after one week to number 2. That’s what I did last year as well (oh all the effort that got lost in that very first week).  I will keep you updated about it!

Oh and maybe you’re still wondering why I mentioned Harry Potter in the first sentence. Netflix is releasing all the Harry Potter movies. All of them! Of course I have all the books and all the dvd’s at home in the Netherlands. So that’s going to be Harry Potter movie nights! And that means… right, triple the amount of words in the weekends. It’s going to be a looong month.

Interested in participating as well (even if there will be struggles, remember it’ll be worth it)? Check the NaNoWriMo website and let me know as well! We can help each other through it.


PS I will create a special page dedicated to my NaNoWriMo adventure

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