Stop dreaming, start writing

You have to start somewhere and as we say in Dutch “een goed begin is het halve werk”. Roughly it means if you have a great start with whatever you’re doing, it will increase your chances to succeed.

So what does this all mean? Why am I throwing random Dutch stuff in it? Well…. Last Thursday, as you all probably would know, was the start of NanoWriMo. Were you able to write a bit already? For now I’m doing alright; over 3000 words. And most importantly: the sentences do mean something. Not just random words on paper, for now! It’s going alright actually and that’s why I’m actually a bit afraid. What if it’s going alright now and I won’t be able to write anything useful today? For today I have a bigger planning and have to write more than 3000 words, I am scared!

I have still a lot of questions because I still need to do my research. Sometimes I just mention “according to the study XX this happens with alcoholics”. Or I have words that are probably not even English. And how on earth do we put Skype conversations in a book? I marked all the things I double triple check and will do that after I’ve hopefully finished.

Okay it’s almost ten o’clock Berlin time. It’s time to start!

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