First week…

The days are quickly passing by. It’s already the second week of November… which means it’s the second week of NaNoWriMo. How are you guys holding up? Did you create a planning and are you following it or are you already somewhere else than you imagined you would be? It’s never easy! And I guess it will never be easy.

So far I’m doing alright (still waiting for the moment it’s going horrendously wrong). I have more than 15,000 words and I finalized the storyline. From the beginning to the end I kind of know what I want to write down. ‘Kind of’ because I keep on surprising myself with the things I sometimes randomly invent along the way.

The novel was supposed to have two main themes: alcoholism and friendship. Now there’s a part about obsessive boyfriend material and almost a forbidden love. What is happening? My character is basically living her own life and she doesn’t need me to direct it. Well, good for her! Only not that great for my book. I thought I needed to do research about the two different locations and alcoholism and now there’s so much more! Did I tell you she has a degree for Geography? I don’t even know if that’s the right term and oh yes, she will get a job at a university because of this degree.

Do you have the same? I mean the good thing is: you will never ever get bored with writing your story!

Anyway, have to continue again! What will she do now? Who knew writing a book can be full of surprises?

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