Do you think it’s possible to have a full month of nonstop writing? I believe now and then we need a break. Sometimes our imagination just disappears out of the window, sometimes we get inspired when not we’re thinking about the story, and sometimes it’s just healthy.

What are your good distractions of NaNoWriMo? Not the “I’m planning to write and oh look at this nice TV show on Netflix” or the “there’s nothing in the fridge, I’m hungry, but I kind of already ate and I just need to do something”.

For me I wanted to say it’s Harry Potter on Netflix (remember I was so excited about it?). However, we don’t have this privilege here in Germany. They don’t have Harry Potter on Netflix, how sad is that? So that means we’re looking for other distractions. One of them is watching any other movie than Harry Potter. And this morning we went for a walk in the forest. After an hour cycling to it. Oh did I mention it was raining cats and dogs? Yes, diehards here! When we were in the forest it was really beautiful (and no rain, only when we cycled like we were punished for not taking the bus). Some fresh air does make a difference sometimes. After that (and the kebab) I got a lot of energy to start writing again. At the moment I have more than 23,000 words and the story is still going strong(ish).

After the competition we’re going to Poland and I already can’t wait. I’ve never been there so I wonder how it’s going to be.

Well, that’s it for now. Enough distractions, it’s time to write again!

Image result for good distractions

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