Halfway there

The room gets colder as winter is slowly approaching, scented candles fill the room, and the radio just turns on. Bon Jovi is ready, almost there, when he sings “oh we’re halfway there. Livin’ on a prayer.” He’s ready, just like you and me. Second week of NaNoWriMo is exactly today which means 25,000 words in. How’s it going on your side?

My story unexpectedly took a nice turn. Well, the accident wasn’t nice but what happened after. Arabella’s mother decided to live a better life and is working hard to become a wonderful mother. That’s great for Arabella but does this mean she has to move back to London again? She’s just having such a wonderful time in Paris with Samuel. Oh yes, she fell in love and her glasses are bright, sparkling pink.

It’s tough to write every day something but I make sure I stick to my planning. Every morning I’m turning on my computer and fight with my thoughts how to make a great story. So far it’s working better if I immediately start on the story. If I’m going to do something else, I quickly lose my concentration. Every Monday, because I’m off, I write four times the amount I have to. Which means I wrote more than 6000 words. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. But every time I thought about the goal, it kept me more motivated.

What’s your secret? How do you improve your writing habits?

At this moment I’m around 32,000 words and it’s getting closer towards the goal. When I’m done I’m sure I need to erase some things or create a smoother transition but that’s where drafts are for. Every time I wrote something I rewarded myself with a Gilmore Girls episode… I’ve finished every season (no worries, I started way before NaNoWriMo) so now I need to find another reward series. Any recommendation?

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