Oh no! It happened…

You know when you think everything’s going alright and then the moment you think about it, it all turns out the other way around? I thought I was doing great. Being on track, writing every day but then it hit me. My writer’s block. I couldn’t continue with my story. I just didn’t know how I want the story to go. All the chapters were outlined but it all just didn’t make any sense. Some things take place way sooner than I imagined, it’s actually all going faster than I imagined. I had seventeen chapters in front of me, and it looks like only fifteen will make it out of it alive. That sounds a bit more dramatic than it is.

I also had moments of doubt. Is this the story I want to tell? Is it something someone can be interested in? If not then the next problem presents. I should stop and also not think about the three other girls’ perspectives. Well it’s less research and writing, that’s the positive part. But in my humble opinion I think the other girls have so much to tell as well. How is it when your own brother gets missing? If you can’t decide on your own whom you want to marry with? And if you have to escape from your own country? These are all stories worth being told and I think there’s a great connection between all of them.

This means I have to believe more in myself and the stories I want to tell. Why would I already think less of it than it is? I think we are our own biggest critics. There’s always people who will criticize us but we are the ones already thinking that we’re not worth it. We won’t make it because we suck are not good enough. We need to get out of this mindset. Just because we think like this, doesn’t make it true. We can make it as long as we believe in ourselves. We should realize how good we’re actually are.

What are we waiting for? Let’s continue this month full of writing. November 30th is approaching and so is the end of our story. We will make it!

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