Final countdown

When the clock strikes 12 it’s time to put the pen down. There’s been enough blood shred for all the attempts on writing something amazing, enough sweat for all the hard work, and enough tears for crying out of frustration. It’s over. Today is the last day of the National Novel Writing Month. Today is the end of all our suffering (yes just a bit dramatic). How did it go for you? Are you satisfied with your first draft? Is it something you were hoping for? Or maybe you’re not even done yet. Maybe your story needs even more than 50,000 words and you still have to continue all the hard work. At the end it will all be worth it. You will have your first draft of something amazing. Your own story. How many people can truly say that?

And as for me? I finished mine a few days ago. Of course I got stuck near the ending and there are some things I’m not happy with. I would need to change the story and the way it’s written. However, that’s why it’s also a first draft. I will need time to re-think, re-write, and probably re-write again. It’s completely normal. As long as you can see where it’s going and if you have something you believe in.

Further I was thinking about something else. I’m not going to re-write this draft immediately. I need time without it for a bit (we’re all a bit too attached right now). I had this psychological thriller in my head and will try to execute the idea. BUT. And that’s a big but. I was wondering why I’m writing these kind of stories while I’m enjoying a completely different genre when I’m reading myself. I love fantasy. I love different worlds and action and deciding between good or bad. So now I gave myself another challenge: write your own fantasy book. And let me tell you; it’s already more complicated than I thought and I didn’t even start yet! The first step is to work on ‘worldbuilding’. As you can guess: it’s about creating your own fantasy world first. I found some interesting websites with everything you will need for this. And of course, I will share all of it with you as well. I just have to figure out how. So that’s what I’m up to now. So many stories in mind yet so little time…


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