Very short story


A couple of months ago I participated in a workshop. This workshop focused on ‘finding your voice’. The main question was: are you going to write in first, second or third person? (yes all of them are possible) It’s important to realize the difference between each one of them; this is how your characters will talk to your readers and how your story will develop. During the workshop we got different assignments and it was actually interesting to see what you could create within fifteen minutes.

This is an example of what I wrote:

I saw them all passing by. Kids with their big backpacks, almost falling down, teachers too busy with their books, the people working in the kitchen and cleaning the hallways, trying to earn enough to support their families, and teachers too busy with their books.  That’s when I saw her as well. Standing all alone, looking lost. I wish I would have talked to her. Things might have been different. She was new at our school and she looked so… nice. With her hair in a ponytail and just a simple dark blue t-shirt with jeans. Not like the rest of the girls, all the same matching outfits. That’s what I liked about her. I fell in love the moment I lay my eyes on her. The way she smiled when she gave the right answer or how she helped the deaf kid in class by learning sign language. The perfect girl, who never saw me.

Now looking back I realized I missed my chance. She was new and I could have showed her around. Or even help with her locker. Why didn’t I do that? Instead I’m now holding her invitation to her wedding. The perfect girl getting married to someone else. Wish it was me instead.

Are you ready for the challenge as well? Set your timer for fifteen minutes and write about the following situation:

– the story is written in first person
– the story is set in a school or an office
– there’s someone in your story who is new at school or at the office

Ready. Set. Go!

This is something I will do more from next year on. Finding writing challenges for myself and sharing it with you. Sometimes another perspective can help us with our writer’s block. And who knows? It can also give us inspiration for a whole new story.




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