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Remember when I told you about my New Year’s resolution to read more books? Well, can you imagine I finished five books in December? (okay a bit cheating: one, Harry Potter, was almost done when December started) I already told you how I felt about The Tattooist of Auschwitz and I still think it’s a good story. I read some reviews that some people don’t like how it’s written down. They say it’s a bit amateurish and should’ve stayed a screenplay. The thing is: it’s a debut novel (we all know how difficult it is to write your very first book, still struggling here!) and also, we should accept the book how it is because Lale wanted her to write it and he approved it. That being said… there are three more books left!

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel
Have you ever read something and wonder how the author came up with all of this? Probably all the time. However, I have it especially with this science fiction book of Sylvain Neuvel. It’s not like any other story I’ve read so far. First of all it’s because I actually (confession) never read a science fiction book before and also because the entire book consists of files, interviews, and journal entries. The interviewer, who we don’t know, is interviewing all these kind of ‘key players’. Throughout these questions the story somehow develops itself. It’s quite fascinating to be honest (I thought I would get tired of it). The story itself is not fast-paced and needs some time to actually develop and work towards the plot. The story begins with Dr. Rose Franklin who finds a gigantic hand when she’s 11 years old. Years later she becomes the scientist who has to examine the hand herself. There’s an entire team involved to help her and little by little they are able to collect the rest of this robot girl. Yes, Dr. Franklin has a gut feeling that it must be a girl. The material of the gigantic robot isn’t available on earth, at least not that large quantity. So it’s easy to assume it was sent from space. Many little things happen (sorry cannot go into too much detail; spoiler alert!) which affect the entire story and the ending. Ohhh the ending! Must read the next book in this Themis Files series.

You are a badass – how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life by Jen Sincero
Just like science fiction I’ve never read a self-help book before (only summaries on the Blinkist app). I thought it’s time for a change and give it a try. I love to get inspired and motivated (yes I’m the one who looooves cheesy quotes). This book is great if you like to stop the negative thoughts and turn them into something positive. Some things are not worth to think about too much and you should just let it go. Which is great. We all need an extra push sometimes. Then I came to the chapter (haha well this is chapter 2 but still) about Source Energy, the G word, the Mother Lode or the Vortex. “The Universe will match whatever vibration you put out. And you can’t fool the Universe.” It’s a nice quote and a nice way of thinking. You get whatever energy you’re sending out yourself. You send out happiness, you will get it back (and more). But later on it also says: “Once you realize that you can dramatically improve your situation by connecting with Source Energy and raising your frequency, you can freakin’ do it already instead of opting to stay in the suckhole and feeling like a victim of pathetic circumstances…” And that’s the part I don’t like. Sometimes you try so much to be positive and shine your happiness and you just can’t. You’re not as happy as you wish you could be and it has nothing to do with your connection to this so called Source Energy.
Further, the book reads easily and some things are good to take in consideration (for me the part of not thinking too much what others might think and let go if it’s not important) other parts you should ignore just not try to think too much about it (buy that one thing you cannot afford and you will find a way to get the money, no this doesn’t work if you have a family to support or for any reason at all. Money doesn’t appear magically). Anyway it was a good idea to try a book like this and I will try to focus on the more positive things to live an awesome life. I also know that there might be some other books a bit more helpful than this one.

Persona by Soraya Vink
This review will be short because it’s a Dutch book and I know not everyone’s able to read in Dutch. Persona is the book I already talked about and written by a friend from the Netherlands. And I have to say she did a tremendous job! It’s a good thriller with action, a plot twist, and some Spanish influences. It’s an interesting story to read and a great debut novel. For the Dutch ones; check it out in your local bookstore.

At this moment I’m following ‘Wie is de mol’, trying to rewrite Olivia’s life with the notes from my rejections, looking for writing challenges, and reading ‘Het Achterhuis’ (the diary of Anne Frank, yes, shame on me I never read it before). Busy busy busy but no worries, I will make time for my website, blog posts, and… maybe Instagram? Who knows.

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