53-word story

Remember when I told you about the 53-word story contest? Did you participate this month as well? If not; let me quickly tell you the topic of this month…. *drum roll* it was… waste! Now at first I was of course thinking about literal waste. There are so many things you can talk about: how bad we’re treating our planet with all of our waste or if someone could take the trash outside. However, after a few tries I came up with waste of time. In the beginning I thought I was smart with my out of the box-thinking but clearly there will be more people who thought about this. Now the real challenge began! Word count. It seems quite easy: 53 words. Not too long, not too short. But that’s why it’s also tricky. I lost count how many times I had 49/51/56 words.

Well, let’s not keep you up with it. This is my extremely short story for January:

Filled with anger and sorrow he followed her with his eyes until she disappeared. Forever gone. How could he make up for the time he missed their kid growing up? She told him not to bother them anymore. It will never be enough and trying now would only be a waste of time.

Please share yours if you have one 🙂

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