Toulouse … a paradise for book lovers?

With the camera in one hand and a book in the other, I tried to capture some bookstores in La Ville Rose. This beautiful pink city (as the French nickname indicates) has many independent and cute bookstores. If you need to find a specific book (also in English), for sure you will find it in Toulouse.

In the city center, you find the largest independent bookstore I’ve ever seen (so large that I didn’t believe it could be independent): Ombres Blanches (white shadows). Here you find more than 600 different subjects and a cafe to enjoy your book with a cup of tea.

Not too far from Ombres Blanches you’ll find Terra Nova. This is how I imagine an independent bookstore looks like: small but cozy. In the middle of this bookstore, there is a small “cafe” that spreads the smell of freshly made crumble in the store. Here not the cafe I also bought my latest book Ulysses by James Joyce. I don’t think I will be able to finish this one pretty soon since I have my reading challenge 2019 going on and it’s one of the most complicated books in the world. Talking about challenges!

Near one of the entrances of jardin des plantes there’s a so-called boîte à lire or in English: a reading box. People can grab a new book and leave their old ones behind. It’s a wonderful concept but I have some serious issues with letting go of books.

Further … I have my own Instagram account. Though I do need some help with it: I’m a bit old fashioned as in I don’t know how all the buttons work, filter stuff, hashtag something (I only know hashtag nomnomnom by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake). But after some time there will be a wonderful board with photos from bookstores (Toulouse is the first location! So check it out), books, and different writing/reading quotes. Guess it’s always good to try something new!


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