So long, Berlin!

More than a year ago we came to Berlin to start a new adventure. The truth is… you can say many things about Berlin. It’s diverse, it has a huge techno scene, there’s art, there’s history, and the list goes on. Especially the part about history attracted me the most. I love history and well, Berlin has many stories to tell. There are lots of museums dedicated to the history of this city (I think we’ve seen all of them). The techno scene, well, that one I skipped. Once I went out in a club (hip hop) but I’ve never felt more out of place. Yeah I’m not really made for it. Just give me some ’80s or ’90s music and I’ll be fine.

I wanted to love Berlin – like how I loved it the first time I was here. But to visit and to live, there’s a big difference. For one I haven’t really felt at home here. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the things here. I just think there’s a big gap between Dublin and Berlin. I’m more of a small city village girl and Berlin is gigantic. If you want to meet someone, there’s a chance you have to cycle for at least forty minutes. For me that’s from one village to another one. I guess everyone experiences the city in a different way. Some people love that it’s a big city and there’s so much going on. Which I understand completely. That’s why I guess I do love the city in someway. For everyone there’s something. For me there’s the museums, the bookstores (will soon post something on Instagram about them), the stories you will hear and see.

Now the time has come to say goodbye to this city and to the friends we made. First we will slowly say auf wiederschnitzelsehen to Germany when we’ll do the Romantic road. Driving to the south of the country, visiting picturesque villages with castles and bookstores (that’s what I hope to see as well). We already booked the car and the hotels/Airbnb so basically we’re ready to go! Okay, still have to work until the end of this month but time is going faster than we all think. Which leaves me to… friends. In one month exactly we will leave our place and that means we have to leave our friends behind. Luckily, we’re still here and can play Cards against humanity, go to movies, and have drinks. So these last few weeks are more precious and I, well, I will miss all of them.

Before we go to our next city, we’ll take the plane in the direction of Guatemala. It’s the first time we go this far (together) and again, I can’t wait! We have an entire route we’re going to do and according to our research it’s a beautiful country. We also go to Belize, next to Guatemala, and this country also looks amazing. We can hike, climb volcanoes, visit lakes, and watch lots of animals (I loooove this part!).

This also means that I won’t have a lot of time to write something for my blog. I try to update as much as I can. But I already notice that my head is full with arranging everything and traveling. Even my writing doesn’t go that well. I participated in a competition (write a column about being lonesome) and that’s all I did. There are so many ideas running in my head but I just can’t focus. Oh no! Does this mean a writer’s block? Again?! Or does it just mean I am super excited about going on a big journey? It would be the last one, right? Oh, I just hope so!

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