High road

Last Thursday it was 21st of February which also means: the deadline for the 53-word story. I didn’t struggle as much as I did last time with word count. At some stage you get used to the short word count. Now the difficulty lies in the subject. High road. To be honest, I think you can interpret this in many different ways.

They decided this theme because of the High Road Festival of Poetry and Short Fiction. And I think got inspired in a poetic way, is that even possible? Anyway, enough talking. Here’s my story:

Life slowly turning good
There is darkness. There is sadness. In each one of us. There is rain. There are clouds. There is sun. There is a rainbow. Slowly turning life around. There is grass. There is a breeze. There is joy. There is laughter. After everything: there is goodness. There is happiness. In all of us.

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