Writing challenge April

Guess who’s back?! I have plenty of energy and time (still looking for a job) and thus plenty of new blog posts! But first, we’ll start with another writing challenge. This time I created a writing prompt à la literature-ish. It’s up to you to finish the story. Where will it lead us to?

Grab your pen, set your time, and write for thirty minutes!

Good luck 🙂

There’s a flower I really like. Some might even say I’m obsessed. Petals as white as snow, falling down on a beautiful December day, and the middle bright yellow like the sun smiling upon you. Some use these flowers to see if their love interest loves them or not. That’s, in my opinion, not what this flower deserves. I used to pick this flower when I was a little kid. At first, I did it because I didn’t have anything to do. Then, I started to collect them… even name them. It became something I had to do. Especially when I was at that place. If you would have been there, you would have done the same. It’s the only way to survive the sounds, the lights, the people. It’s the only way to survive. That and something else. You want to know the something else? Then you have to listen carefully…

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