Romantic Road = romantic bookstores?

This was our final goodbye. Right after the Romantic Road we left Germany and changed our winter outfits for shorts and T-shirts.

There couldn’t have been a better way to close our German chapter by seeing Germany from another side. We’re used to Berlin. History, culture, but somehow harsh. It’s more difficult to settle and it’s an enormous city. The Romantic Road leads to Bavaria, the south of Germany. And to be honest: I am happy that we did this. It showed a completely different side of this country (and I’m not only talking about the snow). There’s a different kind of openness and friendliness here in the south. From the moment we drove away, we only met extremely nice people. Maybe it’s because it’s a touristic road but I like to think it’s the hospitality.

Even though we were here to enjoy the picturesque villages/cities, there was a bit of time to visit some of the bookstores. I did apologize a lot for dragging my boyfriend to every store I could find (but he did find his favorite one as well).

Würzburg was the first city on our trip. Unfortunately, we started with a lot of rain and couldn’t enjoy as much as you would normally. There are some bookstores here and we went to Hugendubel. This bookstore can be found in other places as well (like Rupprecht). It’s a big bookstore with many different books. A lot of them, of course, in German.

The second city on the Romantic Road was Rothenburg ob dem Tauer, such a beautiful city to see. The city is still surrounded by the walls of the former castle. And the houses looked so cute (there’s just no other word for it). In these cute houses were also the bookstores hidden. I was a bit mesmerized by the city and didn’t enter all of the bookstores. My apologies!

When entering Dinkelsbühl, we immediately saw the “open bookstore”. I just love this concept. I’ve been dreaming of my own bookstore and I want to do this as well. Sometimes when you just finished a book, you just need a new one. After eight o’clock there isn’t any store open anymore. This is a good way to keep the addiction going 🙂

The next city on our version of Romantic Road was Nördlingen. I have to be honest right now: we didn’t give Nördlingen a proper chance… Even though we ended up in a square with three bookstores, which is amazing (it’s the simple things in life that makes me happy), we still wanted to change the scene and drove to Füssen. 

Füssen has magical surroundings. It’s a bit like Rothenburg but in a snow setting. It felt like we were in a fairy tale. We also went to the Neuschwanstein castle: the castle that inspired Walt Disney for the one in Sleeping Beauty. And, as a Disney fan I couldn’t resist to go. Again, a fairy tale coming alive.

Snow was something we were not used to (not anymore and I’ve never been on a ski trip) and it was an amazing experience to go to Austria for the night. Perhaps I sound like a kid, but snow really makes me happy. At least, when it’s falling down and still amazingly white. Just like Lorelai says: “Everything’s magical when it snows. Everything looks pretty.”

In Munich, my boyfriend found his most beautiful bookstore (until I’ll get my own :)). It was a beautiful one indeed called: The Munich Readery (with a dog!). However, the next one, Words’ Worth, was great as well. The focus in Munich is more on English than we’re used to in Berlin and that’s what we also saw in the bookstores. The two bookstores we entered were almost completely in English. I wanted to go to the nearby French/Spanish bookstore. Unfortunately, we ended our Romantic Road chapter as how we started it: in the rain. So it was time to leave the bookstores behind and go to the ‘beerhall‘. Touristic? Yep. But sometimes you have to do it. Besides, we were tourists right?


I just read this whole story again (and changed it a bit/corrected some typos). Somehow it feels like a long time ago. Maybe it’s because we just came back from Guatemala? Walking in the sun in summer clothes, visiting ancient places, and snorkeling with sharks (well, that was Belize but still). Oh, the amazing memories! Both of these journeys differ from each other but both have been amazing.

These holidays also gave me new energy and lots of new ideas for stories. I can’t wait to put them on paper (but a special notebook this time. Made from stone paper!). Just have to re-organize a bit and start writing!

Talk to you soon,
Just Liz


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