Short story – Final bit

They say if you put your mind to it, you will make it. But does that count for everything? Even the more complex things? You know the kind of situation where you have to go the extra mile. Effort and time are all it takes. You already did the beginning, you just never knew how difficult the last bit was. And now it’s getting late. You’re sitting in front of your messy desk, trying everything you can. Perhaps you’re overthinking. Aren’t we always doing that? Perhaps there’s an easier solution. The mind likes to play tricks, we just have to learn the game. Sit back, watch again, no, just watch. Don’t do anything yet. Let it come to you. Close your eyes. Can you feel it already? The end is closer than you think. Grab those scissors out of the drawer. It’s alright. Nobody said you weren’t allowed to cheat. And now… just cut the freakin’ pringles can and eat the final crumble. You see. You just did it. That wasn’t so difficult in the end. As long as you think of solutions, you will make it and finish what you started!

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