May challenge

Another month has passed by. Poof! Gone, just like that. I didn’t even have time to write about my April challenge: read a book based on its cover.

My eyes fell on the golden cover of Circe by Madeline Miller. This book tells the story of Circe (really?!) who never got accepted by her family. She was different than all of them, not the same golden look, not the same voice as the gods, just nothing like them. When she discovers she has magic power, Zeus bans her to her own island. Completely alone she needs to start a new life. Even with all the loss and pain she feels, Circe is a strong woman. Things happen, also things she’s not proud of, but she knows her strengths and she knows her weaknesses. Then she falls in love and has to decide: does she belong to the gods or the people?

I loved the book so much that I nominated it as one of my favorite books for this year. It might be only May right now but I can’t help it. The way Miller creates a story not only about Circe but about all the Greek mythology is quite interesting. There are e.g. passages about the Minotaur and Daedalus (father of Icarus) but they never take away Circe’s story. Circe is described as a powerful yet lonely woman. Love, hurt, and a touch of feminism comes to mind when reading this book. It takes you on a journey where Circe discovers who she is and who she wants to become.

“I had begun to know what fear was. What could make a god afraid? I knew that answer too. A power greater than their own.”

If you’ve already read a lot of mythology, I can understand that you’re familiar with all of these stories and it’s maybe not that special anymore. If you didn’t read a lot but you are interested in this world of gods/halfgods, then it’s worth reading!

Enough about the April challenge. It’s time for the May challenge! There were only two books I found with numbers in the title: that’s the difficulty when you live abroad. However, it’s also a good thing: I would be able to open the first international bookstore in Rennes. How cool is that? Back to the challenge… there was a book called Number 11 by Jonathan Coe. A satire about the changes in the technological and cultural landscape in the UK. Interesting? Yes. But? Well, the other one had a quote of Barack Obama on the cover: “Ray Bradbury’s gift for storytelling reshaped our culture and expanded our world.” So I chose Fahrenheit 451 instead of Number 11.

Fahrenheit 451 is an interesting story about fireman Guy Montag, who has to destroy the printed book. He never questioned his job until he sees another world without fear and where ideas come to live. He starts to hide books and that’s when everything starts…

Okay, the last thing I’m not sure because I didn’t read it yet. On the back, it states “Soon they’ll make him run for his life.” For me, it means: there’s going to be a lot of suspense and action.

In order to give you a proper review, I will start right now. There are people who love the book and see themes such as censorship and technology in it, however, there are also people who dislike it and think he’s sending a completely wrong message. I’ll let you know as soon as I finish.

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