Dreaming fills the page of a book

Last night I had a dream and it felt like ‘book material’. Do you have this sometimes as well? I think I can even write a short story about it. Let me try to put my thoughts and inspiration here.

The man abruptly stopped the car. He saw something in the water. It was probably faith that put him there. None of the other passengers realized what happened, it all happened so quickly. When the girl finally followed his gaze; she knew it. He’s going to jump in the water and save whatever is drowning there. The girl starts to panic. Even though she’s not in the water, she can feel it’s closing her throat. Without knowing why she runs toward the man. With a dive so gracefully she swims to the dog. The man looks at her, questionable. Why does she need to do that? ‘I got it,’ he therefore says. Scared she looks back. Trying to talk. Trying to make him understand. She feels weak but she must be strong. She grabs the dog and swims to the coast. ‘It’s okay. You are safe now. I am safe now,’ and she starts to cry. How could her life become like this? She didn’t know the answer but she knows she has to change it. She needs to fight for her life, for what she deserves. Because she deserves so much more than this. From now on, she won’t let herself drown like the dog did. 

Okay, it’s still a bit rough so have to come back later. It’s quite metaphoric so it needs to be clear. Why did she need to save the dog herself? Because the dog represented the girl. And the message in my dream was: the only one who can save you from drowning is yourself. That was quite poetic for a dream, no?



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