Writing challenge June

Yesterday I started my first YA series. Which actually means: a messy desk, a typewriter, a few empty pages, quite some notes, and of course: distractions everywhere. I want this to be good so I distract myself from writing. Doesn’t really make sense, does it? I know… but it still happens. Anyway, today I have a ‘day off’ and tomorrow I’ll start fresh again. Trying to write for a couple of hours. Fingers crossed there won’t be any distractions then.

However, today is about the writing challenge of June. I have a mystery writing prompt ready for you, in the same style as my new book (idea).

Grab your pen, set your time, and write for thirty minutes!

Good luck 🙂

You’re sure that someone keeps tapping you on the shoulder. But when you turn around, there’s just empty space…


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