Some thoughts: The girl who fell down

She followed the right path that was given to her. You should learn, they told her. So she went to school. You should learn more, they told her then. So she went to university. You should work, they told her after. So she found a job.

You should, you should, you should. These words made her head spin. She should find a man, she should get married, she should have children, and she should just shut up. Is this what society is telling her? That this is the path she should walk. But what if it`s not the path she wants. Maybe she wants something completely different. Something odd compared to the rest of the world.

She decided to not find a man but to get a career. ´No worries, doll. You´re right and you should first find the right man before getting married.´ Trying to explain that she doesn`t want it, is sometimes a hopeless case. It´s difficult to let things go, especially when a lot of people hold tight to their believes. They´re believing they are right and everyone else is wrong. But haven´t we learned anything?

We all have our own paths to walk. It`s already difficult as it is. Why bother telling someone else that their path is wrong? Just because others like to climb that mountain to reach the top, doesn´t mean that they don`t care for the people who are down by the river, enjoying the water on their feet. Just because someone goes left while everyone else goes right, doesn´t mean the person is wrong. No, it means that this person is strong enough to walk by themselves.

And, just because the girl fell down on her path doesn´t mean she´s going to give up. Or give in. It means that she´s learning. She´s learning to not listen to society telling her she´s wrong. She´s learning to stand up for herself and make her own decision. Because that is what she should do.

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