September challenge

Last month I read Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman. It’s her debut novel and, I can tell you, pretty good. The character, Eleanor, is not your typical loveable character. She’s had a tough past and this reflects on her behavior nowadays. She’s alone but she’s completely fine. But sometimes fine is not good enough. Fine is just fine and you need to realize that before you’re able to change it.

The only constant things in Eleanor’s life are: going to work, call her Mummy on Wednesday, and buy her pizza and vodka on Friday. Until she meets Raymond, the new guy in the IT department of work. Together they help Sammy, a friendly man who (like Raymond) sees beyond the scars on her face. Sammy and Raymond show Eleanor another world that’s been waiting for her. She needs to let go of her past, even if it’s difficult. But this time she’s not alone.

What I liked most about the book is that it has a different storyline than usual. It’s not your average falling in love novel. It’s a novel to appreciate your life and to know that you’re not alone. Eleanor might not have a likable character, she knows everything better, yet you somehow root for her. A house burning down at a young age can harm a person more than you’d imagine. It’s a unique look at the subject loneliness and takes you to another world without leaving ours.

The next challenge is: read two books with the same title. I’ve done quite some research and I had many doubts. Which title would be better to read? At first, I had Cloud Atlas and Life After Life on my list… I came across The Wall… I stumbled upon The Dutch Wife I thought this was kind of funny since I’m Dutch. I had a million tabs on my computer until it came down to Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and The Cloud Atlas by Liam Callanan (‘the’ doesn’t count, right?!). Sometimes we should just stick with our first choice. It’s the same when you’re doing a test… never change your first choice.

Well, let’s see! I’ll keep you posted.

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