Bécherel: a one-of-a-kind Book Town

Have you ever dreamed of strolling around a town full of books, sniffing through the (old) pages, and touching every cover of every book? Look no further because you have found your next destination.

In 1989 Bécherel launched its first book festival called Fête du livre. Since then the town is recognized as an official Book Town. A what? A Book Town? Yes, they do exist. The oldest Book Town (that we know of) is in Kaifeng, China. I just found out that I also have one in my own country (Bredevoort) and that there are five Book Towns in France. Next holiday destination?

Right now Bécherel has around seventeen bookstores, an annual festival, and an official ‘let’s open the book season’. How amazing is this?

I almost want to say ‘I had the honor to visit’ this wonderful bookish town two weeks ago. With the sun shining on our face, no cloud on the horizon, and the first Sunday of the month it only meant a good time: there was a market waiting for us.

Quel dommage : there aren’t a lot of English books. Of course, it’s a French town and quite small (650 inhabitants). But for us, foreign lovers of books, it’s a bit complicated to read in French. If you’re looking for the bookstore with the widest selection of English, you can check out Boulavogue. This bookstore looks beautiful with its wood, red and orange colors.

There’s another bookstore with a quite funny name (not open, unfortunately). It’s called La vache qui lit (like ‘the laughing cow’ cheese: la vache qui rit. Now it’s ‘the reading cow’). It made me giggle.

Even though it’s difficult to find books to read in English, it’s still amazing to see a town where books are the center. How often do you find a city and the center is filled with supermarket, pharmacy, clothing stores, etc.? Bécherel is refreshing, it’s cozy, it’s all about the books!

PS For images, you can check my Instagram.

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