October challenge

It’s the first of the month again! Don’t you agree that September went fast? Maybe because I started my job as English group leader (yes, this Dutchie here!). Or is it because I read so many books this month? Also a possibility.

I do have to admit something… I didn’t read Cloud Atlas yet. Oh, the shame!

I did, however, finish The Cloud Atlas by Liam Callanan and loved the story. It’s about a priest finally opening up about what really happened in his past. His ‘friend’ shaman Ronnie is dying and it’s time to tell him what really took place.

The setting is almost unreal yet the Japanese balloons really existed. 9300 balloons were launched from Japan and few did end up in this magical Alaskan landscape. Callanan is able to turn these events into a wonderful story of hope for something better and a quest for love.

Belk tells us his story with flashbacks but never loses sight of the now. Even though the story is about Belk, we get to know the other characters as well: his friend Ronnie who had his own story to tell as well (which might surprise you), his boss Gurley, and the beautiful miss Lily. It’s somehow a letter written full of hope, wrapped in love but sealed in war. It’s a love unanswered but still beautiful to read about.

Callanan has a lyrical way to express Belk’s story and the landscape. Anyone who’s interested in World War II, unknown true events, a simple yet interesting story then The Cloud Atlas is a good book to read. I did enjoy the fact that this story is quite unknown and how Callanan wrote this.

I will write another review once I’ve finished Cloud Atlas by Davic Mitchell. Unfortunately, I had to focus on two other books for gelezen.online. I did combine them for my October challenge: read a book that takes place in your hometown (or in my case: country).

I read Het verloren lijk by Nancy Bastiaans and Wervelstof by Suzanna Esther. The first one is a thriller about Lil whose life turned upside down when she had to join Dravenge, a secret organization. The second book is about a young girl who falls in love with an American and follows him to America… but is this the right decision and does she really know him?

Will keep you posted!

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