Happy Halloween

Today is the perfect day to write a horror story. Have you ever written one yourself? Or do you have a favorite author/book?

I’ve never written any horror stories (unless you can count some awful drafts as horror, haha) but it’s always good to try something new. Oh, I’m lying! I started, a long time ago, with a story about a haunted island. My brother wanted to have the main character named after him – even when I told him he would die (spoiler!). So yes, I started this horror story but never finished it.

Will I give horror another try? Who knows. For now, I know I have to focus on my young adult book… because tomorrow is the first of November and that means (yes, another reading challenge and) NaNoWriMo a.k.a. National Novel Writing Month.

You can find me as Just-Liz and my story is called AfterEarth. It’s about a sister who has to find her brother. That doesn’t give a lot of information and is probably one of the worst descriptions you’ve ever read. But no worries, I will keep you up to date about my writing process and I will work on my description.

Let me know if you’re participating this year as well, then we can become writing buddies.

Happy Halloween and good luck next month!

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