December challenge

There’s a lot of things going on in December. Christmas, Christmas movies, Christmas songs (as you can read I’m a big fan of Christmas), finding a new reading challenge for 2020, reading the last book for the 2019 reading challenge, going home, and the list gets bigger and bigger.

I still have to finalize my book for NaNo. What?! I didn’t do that yet? No, but I achieved my goal: 40K words. NaNo is indeed 50K, however, my story was supposed to be 40K. Supposed… because I suddenly had so much inspiration and added too much stuff. Now I still have to finish chapter 4. Good news: chapter 5 is done. Why do everything in order?

Anyway, back to the reading challenge. Last month I read a book that’s made into a movie this year “The sun is also a star”. You can find the review *here*.

This month I have to read a childhood favorite. Can you guess it? Harry Potter! I’m now (or rather still) reading the second book in French. Let’s see if I can finish it this month. I also want to read Oliver Twist again and a book called Kruimeltje (used to read this one when I was a kid – and later watched the movie as well). Besides this books I have two Dutch thrillers waiting for me at home: Kwijt by Sandra J. Paul and Tranen van Job van Karel Demoet.

December is going to be busy – but good busy.

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