December writing challenge

The last few days of 2019 are approaching. It’s time to reflect: were you able to do all the things you planned this year and all your New Year’s resolutions are crossed off your list? Or perhaps you need to move them to 2020?

I will dedicate my 2020 resolutions to reading and writing. Because let’s be honest: with books you can never go wrong.

Anyway, it’s time for the last writing challenge of 2019. Are you ready? Grab your pen and… go!

Streets are slowly covering in a white blanket of snow. It’s that time of the year again. Families gather together to celebrate what exactly? She doesn’t even want to know. She never had a family so she never understood this feeling. She can only look back at 2019 and regret her biggest mistake. She wishes she could erase it and start all over. Then the phone rings and takes her back to the now.

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