First review of the year!!

Yessss that’s worth a party! A book party! And lucky for all the book lovers out there… we will have three reviews in this last week of January. Next week I’ll show you the book I’ve chosen for the Reading Women Challenge. And on the last day, Dee’s birthday, she will post hers.

Now it’s time for a Spanish short story:

An old Spanish story

The three-cornered hat by Pedro A. de Alarcon

What are all the fires of torment compared to those which sometimes burn in the heart of man?”

Sometimes less is better?

This short story consists of just 114 pages. Each chapter has two, max. three pages, and read therefore quite fast. The three-cornered hat has actually been adapted and retold in many different ways. Yes, yes, lots of background but what’s the book actually about?

The story

Before diving into the story of Senora Frasquita and Tio Lucas, the author first describes the setting. He talks to us, readers, and takes us to another place and another time where Don Eugenio fancies Senora Frasquita, the wife of miller Tio Lucas. Don Eugenio plans to be alone with Senora Frasquita even when he knows she’s married (and let me mention: happily married). Then a lot of events take place (without spoiling the story) and nothing is what it seems. They say there are two sides of a story but this time there are three sides. What happened according to whom?

¿Sí o no?

It’s a… yes. It reads fast, gives you interesting point of views, and sometimes like life it isn’t going the way you think it’s going. It’s good to be reminded sometimes that we have to believe in one another and in love. 

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