January reading challenge

Books, books, and more books

The bookish life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

It’s all very well to have a plan-it’s a good idea-but you have to be able to walk away from it if you need to.”

Living in a bookish world

Nina Hill works in a bookstore, plays trivia with her friends, runs book clubs, and has a cat Phil. What more could a woman wish for? A bigger family? A love interest? Or just more books? If it was up to Nina, it would be more books. However, life likes to throw things at you. So she finds out she has a bigger family than she could ever imagine and her trivia rival is cuter than she thought. Slowly she discovers there is more in life than books (only). She has to adapt and that’s not as easy as it sounds, especially if you have anxiety…

A quirky romance

I love the simple yet funny writing style of Waxman. She takes us on a journey and I feel like being part of Nina’s life. Maybe it’s also easier if you’re like Nina a true book lover. You understand how important it is to just stay at home and read. But there’s more to this (besides sentences such as: grilled cheese in any form was her spirit animal and you’re a quizzard, Harry): there’s the theme of anxiety and stepping out of your comfort zone. I could read more about Nina’s life so when it was finally the last chapter and the last sentence, I was quite sad. It sounded a bit abrupt and I would have loved to know more about some of her family members and what’s going to happen now. Does it mean there’s going to be another book? I’m afraid not. Guess I have to read another novel of Waxman. Going to do “a Nina Hill” and continue reading!

To read or not to read

The bookish life of Nina Hill is a perfect novel for the book lovers out there. It’s simple, funny, witty, and takes you from one book lover’s world to another. It’s a yes.

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