Snow Foal by Susanna Bailey

Some bonds can never be broken

Snow Foal by Susanna Bailey
Review written by Dee

‘Want your mam too, don’t you?’ Addie said, her words ragged, thin. She covered her face with her hands and tried to control her own breathing. When she moved them away, the foal was staring at her, his wide dark eyes shimmering in the yellow light.

Snow Foal

When Addie has to stay in a foster-care family, she meets a special ‘friend’. Their bond is unique and their stories are similar. Addie is determined that both of them will find their way back home again, whatever it takes and whatever that means…

A beautiful and heartwarming story

I love the way Susanna takes you into the story of Addie and her foal. It’s beautiful how she uses symbols to connect both their stories. It’s truly, as the book says, a beautiful and heartwarming story.


I would really recommend reading this book. This unique story gives you a peek in the life of a girl in a foster-care home. It catches you right away and takes you along the whole story. The book is easy to read and it reminds you of what it means to have hope, love and friendship, especially in difficult times.

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