Another review, latest thriller

I just received the latest thriller of Rosamund Lupton in Dutch for Boekrecensiesblog. And well, I read it almost in three hours! Here’s the review for you in English:

180 minutes in fear…

Three hours by Rosamund Lupton

Love conquers everything, it is the only thing that really matters

From loving school to devilish nightmare

On a cold winter day in a peaceful forest, the world is about to change for good. Rafi, a Syrian refugee suffering from PTSD, thinks he has heard a bomb. The director communicates code orange to his teachers and makes sure the emergency plan is deployed immediately. A few minutes later he is shot. It’s the start of three terrifying hours…

Multiple storylines

Hannah helps the director with his gunshot wounds in the library, where twelve other children are hiding. In the English classroom and modeling room, other teachers and children try to hide from the shooter. It is now up to the police to find out who the perpetrator is, what he wants and why. Detective Rose is doing her utmost to sketch a profile of him so that she can come up with the right tactics to eliminate the perpetrator. They only have 180 minutes before they can prevent a massacre.

Complicated subjects

In Three hours Lupton describes a lot of different places, times, and characters. It gives you more insights and it feels even more personal, for example one of the characters has a severe depression and two characters are Rafi and Basi, refugees from Syria. The book feels real and opens up for the right/left political debate. It’s a story about fear, love, and courage. Lupton did a fantastic job writing about these complicated subjects.

An exciting new thriller 

Perhaps I’m not the most objective person to review a Lupton book. I just love her way of writing and story plotting. Everything’s just well connected. So I’m sure you can already guess it but I’ll say it nevertheless: I recommend Rosamund Lupton’s latest book Three hours to everyone who loves exciting thrillers. *Review based on the Dutch translation ‘Drie uur’

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