Cloud Atlas: same title yet different

The Cloud Atlas by Liam Callanan & Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell “There may be no sharper map of grief than this, no more precise way to show a war’s worth, a life’s worth, a love’s worth of ache and loss and absence.” – Louis Belk/The Cloud Atlas Story versus stories Callanan’s book is aboutContinue reading “Cloud Atlas: same title yet different”

Writing challenge October

Do you know the book Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot? One poem was the inspiration behind the song Memory in the musical Cats. Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the music and Trevor Nunn wrote the lyrics. And I’ve always loved this song. To be honest, I’m not completely unbiased (we did the musical with my danceContinue reading “Writing challenge October”

Last bit! The epilogue of Year 3019

OLD PART Prologue We can send men to other planets. We can pay with just the chip in our arm. We even have flying cars. We can do so much. Why is it that we can’t cure diseases, can’t find a solution for poverty or even saving our planet? It’s complicated, that’s what they say.Continue reading “Last bit! The epilogue of Year 3019”