And so it starts….

… the first rejection letter (well email I must say) came last Friday. Of course I knew this was going to happen. How many people got published right away? Is there actually someone who got published after the first attempt? If so, could that person tell us what we’re doing wrong? Probably nothing. It’s a tough world and there are many competitors. There’s a lot of us out there trying to get in. The rejection letter itself wasn’t that bad; a lovely story concept. Just something she wasn’t looking for right now. It’s a pity but kind of inevitable.

We all know how many times Harry Potter got rejected until one little girl read it and fell in love with it. However, with 12 times J.K. Rowling is by far not the only one. Gone with the wind was rejected 38 times, The Help had 60 rejections, Carrie had 30 rejections, and even Herman Melville and George Orwell got rejected. Imagine being without Moby-Dick and 1984? That would be a completely different world, wouldn’t it?

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I’m not pointing out these rejections for the sake of ‘hey look, that’s a crazy amount’. No, I am pointing this out because we’ll all get to this point. It’s a matter of not giving up. If you believe in your story, you should keep trying. There’s always someone who’s interested. It might not be the first person, not even the twentieth, it can be the 40th or perhaps the 50th. If you don’t try, you’ll never know where you could’ve been.

So get out there. Write your beautiful story, send it to all the publishers in your genre, and continue with the next story. Just never give up.

One day you will see it was all worth it. 

Welcome to my world!

First blog post = time to celebrate! It´s been almost a year that I have this website and worked on it. So many questions appeared, questions I never had when I had my previous website. What do I want to write? What kind of pages do I need to have? Which pictures? How often do I want to write? Is it worth it? Is my writing alright? How do I breath? So many questions and I was never able to find the answer (except for the last question; through the nose).

Now, I think, I am done thinking. It´s still work in progress but it´s time to get ready… finally!

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