Bécherel: a one-of-a-kind Book Town

Have you ever dreamed of strolling around a town full of books, sniffing through the (old) pages, and touching every cover of every book? Look no further because you have found your next destination. In 1989 Bécherel launched its first book festival called Fête du livre. Since then the town is recognized as an official Book Town. AContinue reading “Bécherel: a one-of-a-kind Book Town”

Romantic Road = romantic bookstores?

This was our final goodbye. Right after the Romantic Road we left Germany and changed our winter outfits for shorts and T-shirts. There couldn’t have been a better way to close our German chapter by seeing Germany from another side. We’re used to Berlin. History, culture, but somehow harsh. It’s more difficult to settle andContinue reading “Romantic Road = romantic bookstores?”

Bookstores in Berlin

Did you know that Berlin is almost nine times bigger than Paris? No wonder there are so many bookstores here. I just started to keep an eye on bookstores because of my Instagram account. If I started with this before, I could have visited way more bookstores. That’s why the list is relatively small butContinue reading “Bookstores in Berlin”