Writing challenge July

It’s the middle of the month (already?!) and time for another writing challenge. A while ago I already found the perfect writing challenge for today. Writing prompt has always interesting stories to continue and this one makes you really think. Are you ready? Here it comes: The year is 2030. The first astronauts have landedContinue reading “Writing challenge July”

Writing challenge June

Yesterday I started my first YA series. Which actually means: a messy desk, a typewriter, a few empty pages, quite some notes, and of course: distractions everywhere. I want this to be good so I distract myself from writing. Doesn’t really make sense, does it? I know… but it still happens. Anyway, today I haveContinue reading “Writing challenge June”

Writing challenge May

Time for another writing challenge. The last writing prompt did quite well, so let’s continue. We’re going for another world: a world of spies, betrayal, and lost family. What will happen? It’s all up to you. Grab your pen, set your time, and write for thirty minutes! Good luck 🙂 You’re an international spy (thinkContinue reading “Writing challenge May”