Writing challenge April

Guess who’s back?! I have plenty of energy and time (still looking for a job) and thus plenty of new blog posts! But first, we’ll start with another writing challenge. This time I created a writing prompt à la literature-ish. It’s up to you to finish the story. Where will it lead us to? GrabContinue reading “Writing challenge April”

Writing challenge March

At the moment we’re in the car driving back to Berlin (no worries I’m not the one who’s driving!). We’ve been to the south of Germany for the “Romantische Strasse” or in English the Romantic road. In another post I will tell you all about this wonderful journey. But first… it’s time for a newContinue reading “Writing challenge March”

Writing challenge February

It’s again the 15th of the month. Did I already say time flies? It sure does. I found this interesting writing prompt and wanted to share it with you for the 30 minutes challenge. Of course I want to give credit for the person who came up with this but unfortunately I cannot find it.Continue reading “Writing challenge February”