Writing challenge September

Here in France, they celebrate the beginning of a new school year (la Rentrée): the summer holiday is over and everything’s ‘back to normal’. This, of course, gave me inspiration for the next writing prompt. Are you ready? Grab your pen and… go! The summer has come to an end. Everything will be back toContinue reading “Writing challenge September”

Writing challenge August

One day too late! I am truly sorry. Still working on the website, hope you like the changes so far. Not quite done with all the big plans I have but have to start somewhere. The next writing challenge is, if I may say so, quite interesting regarding characters! Are you ready? Grab your penContinue reading “Writing challenge August”

Writing challenge July

It’s the middle of the month (already?!) and time for another writing challenge. A while ago I already found the perfect writing challenge for today. Writing prompt has always interesting stories to continue and this one makes you really think. Are you ready? Here it comes: The year is 2030. The first astronauts have landedContinue reading “Writing challenge July”