The life before her eyes by Laura Kasischke

When your life falls apart

The life before her eyes by Laura Kasischke

Your life can change in an instant. that instant can last forever.

One fateful day

It all starts like an ordinary day. Two best friends in the bathroom talking about – well whatever teenage girls talk about. Then they hear it dot-dot-dot. A sound not familiar to both of them. They only realize what’s happening when he’s in front of them… with a gun. Michael Patrick wants them to answer his question who he should kill. Then one says: “Kill her. Not me.”


This is how the story begins but is it also how the story will end? In the entire book are flashbacks about life before the shooting. Slowly with every page we come closer to the shooting. Besides the flashbacks, there’s another story we follow: 40-year-old Diana living the perfect life. Bit by bit her life changes and the truth unravels itself.

Like poetry

Kasischke doesn’t back down when it comes to difficult subjects. There’s always a lot of psychology in her books and they’re always written in a poetic style. The life before her eyes is about how your life can change (or not), if you must sacrifice yourself, love, family, choices. There’s so much more than the surface and every time you read the book you discover new things.

Through my eyes

If you like psychological books, then I would recommend not only this book but also the the other titles from Kasischke.

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