The sun is also a star by Nicola Yoon

I can make you fall in love

The sun is also a star by Nicola Yoon

So they would know where they were from. So they would know where they were going.

Feelings versus science

The sun is also a star explores the story of Daniel, Natasha, and the universe. Daniel loves poetry and follows his heart, Natasha on the other hand loves everything about science. They couldn’t have been more different, yet Daniel thinks they are meant to be. He will prove to her that she will fall in love… within one day.

Of course Natasha, the science girl, doesn’t believe in all of this. However, there’s another reason: she is an illegal immigrant and has to leave America today. She doesn’t say this to Daniel, instead she answers some questions Daniel has found from a scientific study.

A long date

Does one day to fall in love mean one day full of dating? Daniel tries his best because in one day they do not only go for lunch but they have a norebang (karaoke) and visit the store of his parents. With each question, more is being revealed. Is Natasha slowly falling in love? Is Daniel right about his feeling and is Natasha the one?

Young adult

Just like Everything, everything is The sun is also a star a young adult book. In both books, it’s about an impossible young love. The story is easy to follow and has an interesting angle: the life of an immigrant/illegal immigrant. The story is therefore not only romantic (and bit cheesy), it’s also about a serious and complicated subject.

Love is in the air or not?

You’re able to read this story within a day (like falling in love?). Because of how it’s written and the storyline, I recommend this story to young adults. Don’t worry if you’re an adult, you can still read and enjoy it.

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