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Writing challenges

April 2019
Writing prompt
There’s a flower I really like. Some might even say I’m obsessed. Petals as white as snow, falling down on a beautiful December day, and the middle bright yellow like the sun smiling upon you. Some use these flowers to see if their love interest loves them or not. That’s, in my opinion, not what this flower deserves. I used to pick this flower when I was a little kid. At first, I did it because I didn’t have anything to do. Then, I started to collect them… even name them. It became something I had to do. Especially when I was at that place. If you would have been there, you would have done the same. It’s the only way to survive the sounds, the lights, the people. It’s the only way to survive. That and something else. You want to know the something else? Then you have to listen carefully…

March 2019
Put together a short story (max. 1000 words) with four elements that don’t fit together in the story. For example: dancing, darkness, cherries, and grass.

If you cannot come up with four random elements yourself or like to be surprised; ask a friend to give you four random words.

February 2019
Writing prompt
You wake up one morning and check your phone. You have one text saying: “It’s not real. None of it. Trust no one. Escape.” You dismiss it and leave your room to find your family lined up facing you. Each with a slight frown. “You didn’t see anything strange this morning, did you?” your mother asks you.

January 2019
Write a short story with
– either the opposite of the genre you always write about
– or your own genre combined with a completely different genre (folklore and mystery, poetry and fiction etc etc)


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